Welcome to the EDECS project webpage 

“Exploring Dark Energy through Cosmic Structures” (EDECS) is a 5-year project financed by the European Research Council with ERC-Starting Grant 279954.

The goal of the project is to study the influence of Dark Energy clustering on the cosmic structure formation and identify key observational signatures that may help distinguish between a space-time cosmological constant (Λ) and an inhomogeneous dynamical Dark Energy component. To this end the project will develop new numerical algorithms to perform cosmological simulations of non-standard Dark Energy scenarios which accounts for the clustering properties of Dark Energy. The simulations will allow to investigate the Dark Energy clustering signatures throughout the cosmic structure formation and especially on the non-linear scales of matter infall. The project foresees the development of analytical methods to model the impact of Dark Energy on the non-linear clustering of matter and which will provide a theoretical support to the numerical studies.